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Priyamm Sharma

Priyam strongly believes we can easily delete medicines from our lives if we have a correct nutrition plan.


How she deals with her Clients 

A- Analysis and detailed video call or telephonic consultation and deep dive into routine, food habits, metabolic panel, blood parameters, mood swings, emotional attributes, relationship status, lifestyle pattern, sleep pattern, Gut health, sleep routine, BMI, BCA, FAT MASS, MUSCLE MASS. 

B- Biochemical Analysis by Understanding the correlation of blood parameters with current lifestyle 

C- Thorough examination of the user’s medical history, symptoms, and physical signs of nutritional deficiencies or excesses. 

D- Evaluating the client’s dietary intake and patterns using

  • 24-Hour Recall
  • Food Frequency Questionnaire (FFQ)
  • Food Diary
  • Diet History

E- Emotional behavioral therapy using coaching methods of mindful and intuitive eating


A passionate Food Scientists and Diabetes Educator can transform your life in 4-6 months with dedicated time and effort.

Priyam has defined her purpose to her fellows by continuously learning and adopting best practices in Nutritional sciences. She has been labeled as an authority in nutrition and dietetics ever since she relocated from USA in 2020.

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Your Path To Sustainable Weight Loss

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How  many meals and snacks you eat each day



  • Personalized Dietitian
  • Group Fitness
  • Food Psychologist
  • Detailed Assessment


  • Personalized Dietitian
  • Personal Fitness Trainer
  • Food Psychologist
  • Detailed Assessment

Intermediate/ Advance


  • Dietitian
  • Fitness
  • Food Psychologist
  • Detailed Assessment
Medical Users

How We do It

Explore our range of services, including personalized diet plans, fitness assessments, Kidney Cases, Liver Health, PCOS & PCOD, Sleep Disorder, Dietary Cases and expert guidance from our team of experienced dietitians

Step 1 - Initial Assessment

Prior to your consultation with one of our nutritionists, we will ask you to complete a Health Questionnaire and a Three-Day Food Diary to ensure our time together is most effective.

Step 2 - Dietary Assessment

A dietary assessment also helps us understand the science behind what kind of effect you’re eating habits have on your body, which will ultimately help us design a dietary plan suited to your needs and complimentary to your current eating habits and lifestyle.

Step 3 - Fitness Assessment

Similar to a dietary assessment, a fitness assessment is aimed at measuring your physical capabilities using BCA Analysis. With simple, mildly exerting exercises, we will be able to understand your muscular, cardiac, and respiratory abilities. This will help us design an exercise plan suited to your lifestyle and current physical capabilities.

Step 4 - Get Tested

Based on detailed assessment by SUBJECT MATTER EXPERTS, we will analyze if you will be required to get tested for metabolic panel – Thyroid Profile, Diabetes Profile, Insulin, Inflammation markers, Liver function test, Kidney Function Test, Lipid Profile, Complete Blood Count

Step 5 - Food Journal and habit coaching

We will then create your Personal Nutrition & Lifestyle programme. This will include goals, dietary suggestions, lifestyle strategies, supplement recommendations and testing referrals (if required).

Step 6 - Follow Up

30-minute follow up consultations are also available. This is an opportunity for you and your nutritionist to review your progress, adjust and discuss next steps. We will then create an updated plan with any adjustments.

What You Will Get

Measurable Impact

Through our expert-led approach, we blend clinical expertise and Science behind  nutrition program with personalized care to help you achieve health Goal.

Customized Approach

Tailoring diet strategies to fit your unique lifestyle, preferences, and health goals for sustainable results.

Subject Matter Expert

Diabetes Educator, Dietitian, PCOS Expert, Ayurvedic Doctor, Fitness expert, Mind body coach, Food Psychologist

Why Choose Us ?


Personalized Program


Expert Nutrition Education Through Webinar


5 POINT SCALE method

  • A – Anthropometry
  • B- Biochemical analysis
  • C- Clinical symptoms assessment
  • D- Dietary recall
  • E- Nutrition Education
  • F- Food Psychology Test


What Our Clients Says…


After joining weight loss program with you, I feel much more confident because of reducing weight and I have become much more physically active than before. After joining you, I found that only diet cannot reduce weight, it is exercise which will give you inch loss. I look much slimmer than before. I feel confident. I have not all gained back.


I am from Andhra Pradesh and I visited KAUST, Saudi Arabia to my daughter’s place for 2 months as a visitor. There I met Mrs. Priyam, she is excellent Pilates trainer and dietitian. I had severe sciatica pain, weight gain tendency and knee replacement history. I took 2 MONTHS PLUS PLAN from her. She changed my life in just 2 months. I feel much better than before. I am still continuing with her on her weekend Saturday morning free classes via SKYPE.


I was 93 kg (23 march, 2014) when I joined Dt. Priyam and today I am 79 Kg. I was facing health issues due to my weight but after meeting her I have gained my confidence and got rid of the weight related risk factors. She is still working on my diet and weight and I have that confidence that I will soon reach my Ideal body weight 60 Kg due to her efforts and help.


I took plan from iDietFit Priyam in 2015. She taught me mindful eating, sugar craving management, kitchen modification techniques, how to understand mind body and hunger. My aim was not to lose lots of kilograms, but to understand how to balance it throughout life.


We had a wonderful experience with priyam Sharma . She is our daughter and she has been very patient with both of us. We have done few cheat meals as well. We have participated in all marriages and functions and have tried all delicacies. She taught the CONCEPT of FOOD PSYCHOLOGY. She has consistently produced excellent manageable eating plan for me and for my husband.


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Here are some potential benefits of a millet and nut powder mix:

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How  many meals and snacks you eat each day

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How  many meals and snacks you eat each day